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Who do we deliver for?

Our Clients

We offer a premium service from the first contact right through to the wrap of your booking. We offer great value not only in price but in support when booking with us. We always have a member of staff on-site to help with any problems throughout the booking. Many studios only have message or phone support after the initial set-up with no one there in person which is sometimes important!

We have a knowledgeable team that can help in even the most difficult situations to help you deliver the results you need, this is at the core of who we are.
This is why we are trusted by our clients every day!

You are not just another brick in the wall here at The Photocove, you are a valued creative force!

We regularly post our clients’ work to our Instagram feed, story and reels to help promote and support them.

What Drives Us?


The Photocove is home to an amazing community of creatives!! Since opening in 2015 Our vision remains the same as always:

To provide spaces for the Manchester creative community, and businesses to express themselves creatively. In an environment they can feel supported, valued, and inspired. With premium quality studios that have all the equipment they need.

We love to accommodate creatives that are pushing themselves, so you will see some truly amazing images that has been shot in our studios and this isn’t by chance, it’s the Photocove actively engaging with the community.
We genuinely care about our client’s projects, so much so that on more than one occasion we have ended up with assist credits on music videos and fashion shoots!

We have worked with charities such as Oxfam hosting a pop-up event with a live photoshoot! This was in studio 3 to raise money for the charity. We donated food and supplies for our ‘Stand With Ukraine’ appeal and more than that we have been supporting the Ukrainian community displaced in England with discounted photoshoots! We now have lots of Ukrainian friends and we couldn’t be prouder. (Please contact us about a discount if you are displaced from Ukraine)

Meet Community
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Who books The Photocove?


Creativity is universal and so are we!  We provide the space and  freedom to express your authentic self whatever that may look like!

Whether shooting a campaign for your new brand? That E commerce shoot for your new product range? The portfolio session to build your confidence or send images to an agency? Testing studio lighting to level up your photography skills? just testing for fun? That lingerie shoot you wanted to do to empower yourself? There are no creative or social barriers at The Photocove.

We Support the LGBTQIA+ community. We have had many diverse shoots at The Photocove and we are known for inclusivity. We welcome and embrace individuals of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions.
We think it’s really important to have a safe space for people to express themselves.

Another area we have experience with is helping people feel at ease shooting nude or erotic content. We offer a safe, inclusive space and accept shoots of all themes.
If you have any doubts just contact us and we can Talk through your concerns.

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