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Here at The Photocove the safety of our clients is paramount.
We love the community of creatives we work with and want everyone to feel safe whilst working in our studios.

This is why we have created guidelines for how to visit our studio, what to expect when you attend, and the changes you might notice. We believe if we work together we can operate safely!

The studios will have undergone deep sanitisation before you arrive, all items in the studio and all surfaces will be cleaned with an anti-bacterial spray that has been recommended to reduce the transmission of Covid-19. We will have sanitation supplies in both studios at all times, which includes: masks, gloves, sanitizer gel, sanitising hand wash, anti bacterial spray, and anti bacterial wipes.

We ask you to limit the amount of people attending the shoot, please do not bring friends or people not involved in the shoot directly. If you or any of your family (your household), team, or models are feeling unwell or are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 please do not attend the studio. We can re-book the shoot as safety is our priority.

We ask when attending the studio you sanitize your hands before entering the building.
We will have sanitizer available. We ask that you and your team wear a mask for the entirety of the shoot. We understand this is difficult but we think this is the safest way to operate. Models may remove masks to be photographed.

Please maintain the 2 metre social distancing spacing set out by the government at all times whilst in the studios. We ask that make-up is not done in the studio where possible as this would be inside 2 metres. The maximum number of clients on a shoot inside each studio will be limited to 5 to begin with. We are constantly reviewing our procedures so please check the guidelines you receive with your booking. Paper copies will be available at the studios

Advice on wearing a face mask:

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