Business To Business Terms

  • If your business requires an invoice the full balance is due on receipt. The booking will not be confirmed until the invoice is paid.
  • Strictly 1 Invoice will be provided per booking. For items paid for on the day you will receive a receipt. If you require more than 1 invoice they are £10 per invoice.
  • Any terms and conditions broken are the responsibility of the person named on the booking who enters a legally binding contract with the photocove when booking. 
  • Please note that your booking will not commence until your remaining balance/invoice has been paid, this includes studio fees, hire costs and any other outstanding payments. You can pay by Card or bank transfer. Any extra payments must be made by bank transfer or card on the day before use. We do not offer credit of any kind.
  • For unpaid fees or invoices you will be charged  £10 per week for a maximum of 8 weeks, failure to receive payment in the 8 week period will result in a hold being placed on your Photocove account which means you will not be able to book and appointments.
  • You can remove yourself from the hold on your account with a £40 fee you will then need to pay the balance owed to be able to book with us again.
  • The person named on the booking takes full responsibility for the booking, also for anyone attending the booking and their conduct.

Cancellations / Refunds

  • Any Deposits paid are non refundable. 
  • A Cancellation Fee of £20 will be applied to every booking that is cancelled / refunded outside of 7 days plus 10% of any total Hire costs.
  • If you cancel or reschedule 7 days or less before your booking you are required to pay 50% of your full booking balance.
  • If you cancel or reschedule 3 days or less before your booking  you are required to pay 100% of your full booking balance. 
  • With Hire equipment If you cancel 7 days or less before your booking you are required to pay 100% of your hire cost.
  • We cannot refund any cancelled bookings due to: lateness to the booking, forgetting about the booking, Illness, Injuries, train Strikes, covid, traffic conditions, car breakdowns, plane delays, brand product delays, postal delays, hired models/photographers etc not turning up, or any other unforeseen issues not documented here.
  • Items hired on the day and not used are not entitled to a refund if they have been inside the studios for the duration of the booking. This includes all hire items such as backdrops, lights, props, fabrics etc.
  • You can remove yourself from the hold on your account with a £40 fee you will then need to pay the balance owed to be able to book with us again.


  • If you need to reschedule your booking you must give a minimum of 7 days notice otherwise it will automatically be classed as a cancellation and we will have to charge fees. 
  • We have to charge fees as it costs us a lot of money when bookings are cancelled or changed at short notice and we are not able to fill the slots.
  • For 8, 9, or 10 hour bookings if you reschedule your booking 14 days or less before your booking you will have to pay a fee of £30.
  • A Reschedule fee of £20 is charged if you need to move your booking more than once outside of the 7 days.


  • Your booking does not start from the time you arrive it starts from the time you have booked. If you are late for your booking you still have to finish on time. Bookings cannot be moved on the day to accommodate lateness.
  • You may arrive 5 minutes before your booking is due to begin. Please do not enter the building any earlier than this as we will be preparing for your shoot.
  • If you arrive for your booking on the wrong day or time we have the right to refuse entry. If we can book you in on the day it will be classed as an emergency booking charged at our Overtime rate which is £40ph for studio 1/2 and £50ph for studio 3.
  • Bookings cannot be resold on the day. If you cannot attend within 1 hour of your booking start time we class this as a no show and we reserve the right to refuse entry.

Booking overtime

  • Overtime is something we try to avoid because of tight turnaround times. 
  • We advise you book the correct amount of time you need to complete your booking leaving ample time for setting up and packing down.
  • Overtime is not guaranteed on the day as we don’t always have availability or the time in between bookings to accommodate. Overtime needs to be agreed and paid before going ahead.
  • Overtime on the day is charged at:
    •  £40PH for studio 1/2
    •  £50PH for studio 3. 
  • Overtime after we close at 7pm is charged at:
    • £45PH for studio 1/2
    • £55PH for studio 3.  

Bookings with sound recording

  • We cannot accept podcast bookings, video interviews with sound, or other booking where sound recording is required for long periods of time. 
  • We cannot provide this due to sound from other units in our building.
  • If recording short bursts of audio, or audio for reels please contact us to confirm we can accommodate your booking. 
  • Please do not approach other tenants in the building if you have a sound issue, notify a member of the team and they will assist you.

Broken Equipment

  • We check all equipment before and after your booking. If any equipment is broken during the booking please report this to one of the studio managers, we need to know for health and safety reasons. Breakages through misuse or accidents have to be paid for in full on the day plus a 25% restock fee.
  • For health and safety reasons please do not remove items from the walls such as mirrors and pictures, if you require assistance please speak to one of our team members. Charges will apply for items removed and broken without our consent. Please do not stick anything on or into our walls as this can damage the plaster work and will result in charges calculated on a case by case basis.

Smoking And Smoke Machine Use

  • Smoking or vaping is not permitted in any part of the building, studios, or the fire exits. It is illegal in the workplace and puts our tenancy at risk. Smoking anywhere in the building will set off the fire alarm and the whole building will be evacuated. 
  • We will then be charged a call out fee that is £200 set by our landlords that will be passed on to you along with a £50 charge from the photocove. We also would find this extremely disrespectful and might ask you not to attend The Photocove again.
  • The use of the smoke machines is carried out at your own risk. Please use the ventilation provided and use the smoke machine sparingly as it can set off the fire alarm. Only the photocove smoke machine is permitted to be used in our studios, please let us know if you are planning to use your own smoke machine as unauthorised use of a smoke machine not rented from the Photocove leading to the smoke alarm going off will incur a £200 charge from our landlords.

Using food/liquids/Make up/confetti The Photocove

  • Please note that if the studio is left extremely untidy a £30 clean up fee applies.
  • For bookings including food/liquids/Make up/flowers etc please prepare in advance to bring plastic sheeting to cover surfaces to limit damage and clean up time. Please keep fresh flowers from touching the cove as they can stain and dye the cove. Also Any make-up artists using nail glue etc need to have surfaces covered. Damage to any surfaces from any of these items must be paid for. 
  • If you are planning a cake smash please call the studio as we will need to agree on the appropriate preparation. 
  • Failure to do so will result in fees. You cannot do a cake smash on the unprotected infinity cove in any studio.
  • We ask that no smoke grenades and powder party poppers are not let off in the studios, all clean up and damage costs as a result of discharging one of these items will be charged to the person named on the booking along with a £50 fee from The Photocove. 
  • Confetti cannons can be used but you must tell a member of staff before using one. General confetti and balloons can be used.
  • It is the clients responsibility to clean up and dispose of all confetti, balloons, etc so please factor this into your shoot time we will provide a dustpan and brush and Henry. 
  • If you leave without cleaning up the confetti etc a clean up fee of £30 will be charged to your account.

General Terms

  • Backdrops are Hired at £10 per standard use which is rolled 1 metre onto the floor. If you require more than 1 metre or if you want to use sections of the backdrop creatively these will be charged per metre. Headshot lengths are charged at £10 per hire. Backdrops rolled out further or damaged beyond that metre in any way will be charged to the person named on the booking.
  • We do not accept responsibility for children in the studio. This is a working studio so you need to be mindful of trip hazards, heaters, knocking things over etc see our health and safety risk assessment. Also please make sure children do not play on the cove or climb up the curved part as it is fragile. Any damage will have to be paid for in full on the day or after we have received a quote for repairs.
  • If your booking finishes early you are not entitled to a refund of hours not used.
  • Any Credit provided by the photocove expires 3 months after issue.
  • Discount codes expire after 1 month and are single use unless otherwise stated.
  • We Cannot store items for you in our offices, we cannot receive deliveries or pick up items for your booking.
  • We cannot give the codes out to anyone other than the named client for the booking.
  • The named client on the booking is responsible for all guests accessing and leaving the building.
  • A working hot shoe is required to connect to our lights
  • If you have an older camera or a camera with a broken hot shoe our triggers will not work and you must make alternative arrangements.
  • We ask that the photographer/videographer has a good working knowledge of their camera and the settings they need to achieve the results as we cant give guidance on particular shoot settings.

The Infinity Cove Terms of Use

  • Please wear shoe covers on the cove at all times unless you are the model and the shots are full length.
  • If you are putting equipment like tripods, chairs etc on the cove please get coverings from a member of staff to ensure the cove is not marked or scratched.
  • Please do not drag any items around on the cove as it will get marked and possibly damaged.
  • Please do not stand on the curve of the cove or touch the wall of the cove.
  • Children are not permitted to play on the cove or run up the curve of the cove.
  • No wet paint or spray paint can be used on the cove.
  • If you are planning a cake smash please let a member of staff know before the day of the booking so we can advise you on preparations, more information here.
  • Please Do not attach gaffer tape, masking tape or any fixings such as screws or bolts to the cove.
  • We check the cove at the end of every shoot and failure to follow these rules will result in extra charges.

Terms and Conditions for Hire of
Photography Equipment At The Photocove


Booking and Payment:

Advance booking is required with full payment to guarantee use.

Equipment Care:

  • Hirer is responsible for the safekeeping of the equipment.
  • Any damage, loss or theft will be charged in full to the hirer.
  • Repairs will be carried out by wex or other specialist repair centres.


  • Hirer is liable for any damage or loss not covered by their insurance.
  • Equipment insurance is recommended but not provided by The Photocove.

Cancellation and Refunds:

  • 7 day cancellation notice required on all hire items.

Use Restrictions:

  • Subleasing or lending of equipment is prohibited.

Return of Equipment:

  • Equipment must be returned in the same condition as received.
  • Late returns may incur additional charges.
  • Items will be tested before and after hire to confirm full working order.


  • We are not liable for any injuries or damages resulting from the use of hired equipment. Accidents are the full responsibility of the hirer. 

Legal Obligations:

  • Hirers must comply with all laws and regulations while using the equipment.
  • Equipment shall not be used for any unlawful purpose.

Termination of Agreement:

  • We reserve the right to terminate the agreement if terms are violated.